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Fahad Saud Abdul Azeez Al Twaijri

CEO, Tass & Hamjit in Saudi Arabia


Fahad has over fifteen years’ experience in the field of financial analysis, accounts finalization, group finance management and financial and wealth planning. He has worked on a broad range of corporate finance transactions, wealth management, financial planning and corporate financial analysis and has been an advisor to many businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Fahad is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and has a Bachelor Degree in Finance and has vast experience in the banking sector with corporate bankers like SAMBA and SABB.


Fahad has led many projects in financial and wealth planning and has been serving corporate and MNC groups. His experience includes:

Corporate Banking: Being in the managerial level, he has been able to deal in all types of financial projections, various business plans, analysis of consolidated group financials. Leading the team in financial planning services and financial management services.

Investment & Wealth Management: He has vast experience in advising on wealth management, financial investment planning and investment advisory.

Financial Planning & Advisory: He is serving as advisor to leading corporates and acts as board member to major companies in their financial planning and management.

SAGIA Consultancy: Till date he has handled more than 20 SAGIA business formations and have gained expertise in the compliances and rules of the same.