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At T&H we believe in Individual talents and innovative mindsets forming into pro-groups to bring out something incredibly magical to our clients and to ourselves. We see each career at T&H as an opportunity to add value into the organization and to oneself. We may hail from different countries and may speak different languages, but we are bound to the values and culture of T&H.

Opportunities with us

If you are unable to find a suitable opening please do not worry. We are always up to discover new talents

Opportunities with us

If you are unable to find a suitable opening please do not worry. We are always up to discover new talents

Life at T&H

Being in the team is becoming a family in T&H; here, we value each individual for their uniqueness and don’t let differences become obstacles.

Experienced Professionals

Your years of proficiency can take T&H to new visions and horizons. T&H is a growth platform for professionals where they can apply their skill sets to new and varied challenges. Here, we try to grow along with you. So, it is your choice whether to shine and lead our way or be a part of the team and follow the footsteps. Across our offices, experienced professionals join T&H seeking more work quality or looking for more diverse challenges.

Bringing your experience to T&H

At T&H, experience is always valued to be the key to unlocking challenges and complex tasks required by clients. We hire experienced professionals expecting deep expertise, value addition, time saving and ensuring fruitful delivery. We look for relevant hands-on experience, skill to thrive and passion to do more.

How your experience add value to T&H?


Our advisory team works close with the clients’ management to understand their needs and cater the best to them. Your experience can help to develop strategies and formulate solutions to overcome their challenges. Based on your experience, you can join our advisory team at various levels.

Technical Expertise

Being a subject matter expert, you can bring in specialised technical skills and proficiency that can add much more value to advisory and other business functions. There are opportunities in T&H where you can share your experience and fine tune the ways we approach problems.

Legal Knowledge

Knowledge is the backbone of our industry. We deal with a lot of laws and regulations across the globe and expert knowledge and know-how through experience is always sought out by our clients. You can practice your legal knowledge with us and always strive to update yourself.

Business Functions

Like any other revenue functions, we understand the business functions like HR, Accounting, Administration and IT as an integral part of our organization. We try to bring in experienced hands on to these functions where you can contribute closely to our sustenance and growth.

What we expect when you join T&H?

When you join the family, we expect you to embrace the culture and be the team player from day one. You’ll be on the ground and understanding the way up. You’ll be keen learner; proactively build your networks and you’ll grow personally and professionally every day. You’ll stick on to the values of T&H in your life and you’ll try your best in everything.

Students & Graduates

Kickstart your career and learn more about our internship and training opportunities for freshers.

Are you the keen optimistic person who wants to test the best out of yourself, wants to take on extra challenges and explore more opportunities? T&H is the right place for you.

At T&H, we hire freshers and students aiming to get the best of their dedication, passion and fresh insights channelised to the best results. We value striving towards quality, youthful approaches and a learner’s curiosity.

What are you exposed to?


We handle statutory and tax audits across the globe at various levels for our clients. You can be the part of a team where you can experience legal and other compliances related to bookkeeping and reporting. You will be guided and trained hands-on by expert team and they will help you sharpen your audit and reporting skills.


Tax consulting is an integral part of T&H. We deal with various tax regimes and laws worldwide. We have strong tax consultancy wing in all our offices. As an intern or a fresher, you can gain a vast knowledge of all tax practices, understand tax authority procedures and communications and gain expertise and experience.


Our core function consists of various capabilities like internal audit, CFO services and investment advisory. These are problem solving engagements and provides the rare experience of working close with entrepreneurs and decision makers. Be a part of our internal audit and advisory team and get to know how business world functions.

Corporate Consulting

Every country has laws to govern business structures. There are multiple legal forms in which a person can do business and each one of them have its own complexity and framework. Work with our corporate consulting departments and get to know the legal procedures and how to understand and solve client requirements.

Business Functions

Apart from all the client facing functions, there are other areas which keep our organization straight and running. As an intern or a fresher, you can join with us in our HR, Accounting, Administration or IT teams.

Apply for Internship

Kick start your career and learn more through our internship programs and opportunities for fresh graduates.