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Abu Dhabi’s Virtual License to Boost Foreign Investment

The ADDED has recently announced the launch of a virtual license to enable non-resident foreigners to invest in the emirate prior residence procedures allowing them to conduct business from anywhere outside UAE

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Through our gamut of advisory services, we have assisted companies to live up to their true potential, better exploit their strengths, accelerate growth, improve productivity and efficiency, enter new markets as well as improve compliance track record.

We have four tracks in advisory services that touches every aspect of the organization.

Finance & Compliance, Supply Chain & Operations, Strategy & Investments, Technology & Digital

Support Services Process Outsourcing (SSPO)

Our Support Service Process Outsourcing unit (SSPO) help organizations offload Finance, HR and Procurement process in full or part to us.

Our multinational office presence and talented team in respective areas help organizations plan and develop best outsourcing strategy and process. The functional leadership team has years of experience in multinational corporations and comes from diverse background.


Our training programs make you market-ready by equipping you with the appropriate skills and fitting technology according to your industry. By bringing all the kinks to a higher and uniform level, we strengthen your weak links. We offer two types of training:

100% Foreign Ownership from June 1st

The UAE government on 19th May, has announced an overhaul of foreign ownership rules applicable to commercial companies which enables 100% stake of onshore companies from June 1st, 2021.

In the fast-paced world of business, staying ahead of regulatory changes and ensuring compliance are critical factors for success. Traditional manual auditing processes are becoming obsolete, making room for the

In a strategic move to bolster its global appeal and steer its economy away to new heights, Saudi Arabia has recently unveiled a significant expansion to its premium residency program.

Tass and Hamjit Advanced Technologies (THAT) revolutionizes the corporate consulting landscape in Saudi Arabia with the introduction of Zaid, the country’s first artificial intelligence (AI) corporate consultant. The groundbreaking announcement


We believe in maximising your business potential through customized solutions in finance field and advanced technology. Our services have given our clients the winning edge-advantage to rise above all expectations and evolve further. We value and reward for the exceptional performers of the team

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