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Key Functions

Virtual CFO Service

T&H acts as a virtual CFO in your organisation to evaluate the performances and advices corrective actions as required to be implemented. We help you with Strategic Financial skills to guide your organisation through various challenges faced during the long run without hiring a full time CFO.

Weekly Scrutinization and Supervision of Finance 
Working Capital Management
Budget Preparation
Strategic Advices
Cost Planning Etc.

Management Audit:

At T&H, we help our client to form a suitable decision on the challenges faced by them. We help them to identify the areas of cost reduction, Inefficient work forces or functions, areas of new implementations etc. With the implementation of technology, we also help our clients to develop an appropriate technology path to be implemented


We shape a new organization culture in recommendation with the Experts which are to be implemented in the organization. We as a team deliver our advices and Insights which helps our clients to overcome specific situations and to grow flawlessly. Our clients are well advised with the challenges they face, may face and corrective actions to challenges faced by them.

Data Analytics:

With data science, machine learning and modelling, we help organizations to minimize risk, create more efficient and profitable decisions based on facts rather than fiction. At T&H we believe data solutions and analytics can expedite transformation among Small and Medium Enterprises. We have strong collaborations to cater to all types of data analytics.

Technology Consultancy:

we assist our clients in identifying the needy technology adaption and assist them in implementing the same without any further challenges. We strictly monitor the changes happening the technology and tries to put to use in the current scenario and helps our clients in identifying the issues that could be resolved.



Our expert team assist you in personal book keeping and reporting

Audit & Assurance

We have experts globally and locally to increase your confidence through our audit services


Teaming with you to overcome specific situations and to grow flawless


From IT to Financial Planning, everything under Financial and Management Consultancy are Handled by our Team.


All tax related issues in the countries where we are present are handled smoothly

Corporate Affairs

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